Our latest project with mobile app developer, BaBe Baca Berita, has been very exciting.  In charge of the strategy to achieve their go-to-market objectives, we’ve been working closely with the Product and Marketing  teams to acquire new users and improving the product based on users feedback and data analysis.

Mobile app is the new frontier in the battle of users’ share of mind and share of wallet. Some even think that mobile app is killing the web.

As the competition heat up in the app space, it’s imperative for all app developers to define their KPIs aside from numbers of download.  With the proliferation of mobile ad networks and ad exchanges, trial and error is the best way to determine which channel performs the best for acquisitions. Measure and track all marketing efforts diligently.

Keeping lively and engaged loyal users through social media is a sure way to increase active users, which is the most important KPI for any app.

To complement the digital marketing efforts, BaBe team is running in-app quiz every week until end of year. The quizzes are very popular and received hundreds of responses within minutes.

As part of the offline branding activities, last week BaBe team participated in Bunda Mulia University bazaar. We had great turn out and positive responses from the students.  

BaBe UBM Bazaar