The Digital Marketing landscape has become more complex today with the multitudes of tools and platforms available to Marketer. Changing media consumptions and users behaviours render conventional marketing wisdom almost obsolete.

This fast changing environment and the explosion of data collected from digital marketing campaign can be overwhelming and confusing. Often we heard prospective clients voicing their challenges on these areas: 

  • We don’t know where to start. How do we reach our customers online?
  • We have started online campaigns. Are they performing?
  • We are swamped with all these data. What concrete action points we can derive?
  • It’s hard to find qualified digital marketing resources. How can we improve our existing team capabilities?

At Adspecta, we provide consultation to help you cope with these issues and ultimately achieve your business and marketing objectives in the most optimized and efficient way. 




 Based on your marketing goals, we create an implementation roadmap for each stage of the campaign including tools to be used, timeline and KPI. 



Specializing on Google Adwords, we give recommendations on campaign structure, keywords selections and other variables to achieve your campaign objectives, be it getting more traffic, lead generation or branding purposes




 To maximize the effectiveness of your spending, campaign optimization should be done on a regular basis. We provide tips and suggestions to improve your campaign performance and get more out of your marketing investment.



There are abundant reports and statistical data available from your online marketing campaigns and web analytics. We offer data analysis service to derive valuable insights and concrete action points.



Digital marketing is becoming an important part of any company marketing strategy. We deliver corporate training on Digital Marketing Planning, Social Media, Google Adwords and Google Analytics to equip your team with the right skills and capabilities.